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Writer's Block: Songs of summer  
09:25am 21/08/2010
What are the three all-time greatest summer songs?

Thunder--Boys Like Girls

Summer Time--NKOTB

Lost in Stereo ALL TIME LOW
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Writer's Block: Let me at em'  
09:22am 21/08/2010
What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Would you do it again?

The bravest thing I've ever done was when I was like twelve, I went to summer camp. And annually we always have this game of  Fear Factor. and one of the events was to Kiss a fish. Well I did that with no hesitation. Then I continued to kiss a friend who was star struck because I just kissed a fish. 
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Writer's Block: That’s My Family!  
08:53pm 31/07/2010
What's your most memorable "that's my family" moment?

No need to feel sorry for me. BUt my parents were taking me to dick sporting goods and they randomly started dancing. 
To make it worse, they were dancing to soulja boy's crank dat, and the song was playing in a passerbyers radio. It was scary when my said father almost fell into the way of the moving vehicle. I know hysterical. :D 
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(no subject)  
09:46pm 23/07/2010
 Tell me what do you do when it falls apart?
You go and Change it.
Please don't change me!
 I got this figured out
I think I know
But you don't know me, you don't wear my chains,
take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
Just dance, gonna be okay.
This war is over
Be still and breathe
The outside doesn't feel what the Inside know's is Real
When I'm with you I'll make every second count cause I miss you
It's been too long and I'm lost without you
What am i gonna do 
wondering if youre the same
I messed it up, I missed it all, i miss you
Homecoming, I'm coming, I'm coming back
But Jersey just got colder
This is our town, what are you waiting for?
How can something make me so sad?
There is no love Here..................

Wow I have a wide variety of music that i listen to... :)

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Writer's Block: Memories  
09:22pm 23/07/2010
What is the most memorable event of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you'll ever top it?

One of  the most memorable things that have happened to me this summer was arguing with my friends. We always argue, but this year it was just plain stooopid. I even Into a fight with a friend I've known since I was like eight, and yeah it was guy. But I think the arguments brought us together.

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Writer's Block: Front and Center  
09:14pm 23/07/2010
What summer concert would you love to watch from the front row?

mayday parade, or girlicious.
They're like polar opposites but I like them both
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Writer's Block: Should you choose to accept this mission  
09:08pm 23/07/2010
Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

So I recently took this test to see what my hunger game's name would be and its really cheesy but I like it...
Colemet B. LaughingRose
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Writer's Block: Love or be loved?  
03:31pm 03/07/2010
Do you think a romantic relationship can ever be equal or will one partner always love and/or compromise more than the other? Given the choice, would you rather be the one who loves more or is loved more?

Although I know it should be even I know that someone will always love more, and compromise more. And given the choice, I know that person wouldn't be me, because that is the safe option. I don't want to give my all only to be heartbroken. And I'm not stating that I am a heart breaker, I'm just saying, I wouldn't want that end of the stick. 
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Writer's Block: Future forward  
12:50am 29/06/2010
What is the best science fiction movie of all time, and why?

The Best science fiction movie of all time, I would have to say, is GATTACA.( I think that's how its spelled. ) 
I think it's the best, because it is not one of those freakish movies that come up with some scientific mistake that ends up trying to eat everything, But it shows something that may/can happen in the future. 
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Writer's Block: Forgive and forget?  
09:51am 13/06/2010
Has someone you loved and respected ever done something you consider despicable? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you try to forgive them? Did it permanently change your feelings for them?

Sometimes it's hard to forgive, but even if you forgive, you can never truly forget. And no matter how hard you want things to go back to the way they were, whatever they did before still bugs the hell out of you. So even though you have forgiven them, you haven't forgotten it.
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